Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Be of complete control in your homes and offices with programmable thermostats, the new trend in homes and offices. Gene’s Heating and Air will equip your home or commercial space with programmable thermostats, to maximize your comfort.

Heating and cooling the rooms of your homes and offices will never be a burden again once you install a thermostat which is designed to  pre-set and pre-programmed settings that take effects at the programmed times each time of the day. You no longer need to adjust your thermostat manually and spend a great deal of effort each time of the day when you can simply program it once. Aside from this convenience, programmable thermostats are also great ways to save money on your bills and use less energy resources.


Greater Energy Efficiency and Much Lower Cost

You can set the thermostat to produce lesser heat when you are out of your house. This will be needing a fewer resources thus you will spend much lesser. You would not need to bother thinking if you’ve adjusted the thermostat while you are gone because as long as you programmed it earlier, you’re good to go. You don’t have to risk thinking if you need to go back and set it to a lower energy rating because you have programmed it beforehand.

Updated Features

Depending on the model of your programmable thermostat unit, there are several advanced and high-tech features that may astound you and greatly be of benefit to you when you have a programmable thermostat. There are several programmable thermostat models which provide you with a high definition display, saying goodbye to the analog and robotic look of the traditional thermostats. Aside from the high-definition display, certain programmable thermostats also have the feature of showing you not just the temperature of the inside but also the temperature outside, giving you a complete knowledge of the temperature around you. There are also those with colorful touchscreen displays which attract you and give you a more engaging and interactive look. There are also programmable thermostat models that allow you to provide different settings for weekdays and weekends. Better yet, there are also seven-day models which can give you a maximum flexibility especially if your schedules widely vary during the week. There are also the programmable thermostats which you can adjust even if you’re away or on a long vacation. There are some brands and models which requires internet access for you to log-in in a website where you can make thermostat adjustments. There are also those which you can adjust from your smartphones and tablets. You should also look into other high-tech and great features such as auto changeover that switches and filter-change notifications and full-memory save which allows you to protect your home from over-heating or even over-cooling. With these features, you can maximize the use of programmable thermostats to provide a complete and total comfort and relaxation in your homes and offices.

Where to Place your Programmable Thermostat

The location of your thermostat is vital in maximizing its uses and in full optimization. Every manufacturer recommends a specific place where you can install your programmable thermostat. It is very much advisable to abide by the manufacturer’s recommendation. The common recommendation among manufacturers is that the programmable thermostat must be placed far from the direct sun rays. This is to avoid the breakage of some internal parts because of overexposure to sunlight. Direct sunlight can also be a factor in the overheating of your thermostat. It is also recommended to place your programmable thermostat on an interior wall so that it is away from large pieces of furniture and appliances that may obstruct the flow of natural air currents.

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