Programmable Thermostats: An Overview – Gene’s Heating & Air

Programmable Thermostats: An Overview – Gene’s Heating & Air

Many people try to adjust their homes’ thermostats for optimal energy efficiency. But if you have trouble remembering to turn your thermostat up or down, or if you’re not getting the ideal temperature you desire, a programmable thermostats may the best option for you. Take a look at how upgrading to a programmable thermostat for your HVAC system can help you save money without sacrificing comfort.

The professionals at Gene’s Heating and Air can upgrade your system to make programming convenient to use.

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Why Use a Programmable Thermostats?

Adjusting your thermostat is essential to saving energy and keeping your home comfortable throughout the day. When you’re home, you should be able to enjoy more comfortable temperatures. But when you’re out of the house, you can allow the mercury to drop a few degrees. Programmable thermostats automatically adjust your home’s heating and air conditioning regimen to match your daily schedule. By doing so, the home will always be comfortable when you’re home and your furnace can take a break when you leave.

What Types of Programmable Thermostats Are Available?

Programmable thermostats come in three main configurations. The most basic kinds allow you to program one 24-hour cycle so that every day follows the same heating and air conditioning schedule. 5+2 thermostats allow you to schedule weekday and weekend heating schedules separately for greater comfort on the weekends. 7-day programmable thermostats are ideal for homeowners with irregular daily schedules throughout the week and offer the most flexibility in scheduling home heating.

How Do You Install a Programmable Thermostats?

While manufacturers claim these thermostats are easy to install, Gene’s Heating and Air highly recommends enlisting our HVAC repair specialists to install your new thermostat for you. Wiring requirements vary based on the age of your home, current thermostat model, and programmable thermostat model. Hiring a professional can help you avoid HVAC or electrical problems associated with improper installation.

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