Keep Your Wallet Full and Your House Cool

Having an air conditioning unit in Colorado Springs is essential. It protects everyone from those dangerously high temperatures during the hot summers. It also helps to rid the houses of much of the humidity in the air that can make it hard for asthma or allergy sufferers to breathe or sleep. The professionals at Gene’s Heating and Air will help you maintain this.

There are many ways you can help maintain the life and efficiency of your air conditioner.  The easiest and most obvious thing is that you should keep the condenser free from debris, like leaves piling up on top of it or something being set on it. Having things on top of or covering the condenser can means it has to overwork itself, and causes it to not cool your home as efficiently or could even burn it up, which can be inconvenient and pricey.


Also just a simple, regular cleaning can really help. You should follow the procedures that are laid out in the service guide for the particular unit or system that you have.  Moisture in the unit can cause corrosion which means having to replace it sooner than you should normally have to.


Another important thing to do for your air conditioner and you health, is to change your filters regularly. Some places have a much higher dust, pollen, or mold (allergen) content in the air than others and will require more frequent filter changes. Plus, if the filters are very dirty, they will clog the airflow and make you AC work overtime, therefore increasing your electric bill.


Along with the tips we just talked about, a good safe bet is always to have a professional HVAC company colorado springs or certified technician come do a maintenance check at least once a year. This will let you know if you have any leaks in your system and let you know if you “missed a spot”. The professionals at Genes Heating and Air will make sure your system is taken care of.


Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is part of keeping up your home, as well as keeping the family happy, and healthy. If you are consistent with a good maintenance plan, you will extend the life of your air conditioner and help save yourself a lot of money in electric costs. Cal today to schedule a consultation with Gene’s Heating and Air!

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