HVAC Maintenance Check

HVAC Maintenance: Why do you need it?

As with any system, especially  those with many different parts, proper maintenance is needed for it to last long and perform at its best.

The HVAC maintenance check depends on what kind of appliance the process is being applied on. There are heating specific appliances and cooling specific appliances and there are different extra steps that are done for each kind. However, there are some general steps that are applied to all HVAC systems.

The professionals  at Gene’s Heating and Air are equipped to run all maintenance checks on your HVAC systems.

System Control Check

One of the most important parts of a system is  how it starts up and shuts down. An HVAC maintenance check includes checking whether the systems start-up and shut down controls respond properly and operates safely. The start-up and shut down controls are good indicators of when a system is experiencing glitches so this is an important maintenance check step.

Thermostat Settings Check

The thermostat is a very important component of an HVAC system since it is what senses the temperature in one’s environment and helps the system maintain a desired temperature level. It is what tells the HVAC system whether to cool or heat up.

Checking whether the thermostat settings are programmed correctly and whether it actually works is very important in a maintenance check. Especially before it is badly needed in the winter and summer season.

Electrical Connections Check

An HVAC maintenance check isn’t complete without having all the electrical wiring checked. Disconnected, loose, or broken wiring may result to your system not functioning properly or not working at all so this is a crucial maintenance step.

The functions aren’t only the ones that are compromised when electrical connections are not properly checked and maintained, the safety is also at risk. Broken or loose wiring may put one’s safety at risk when handling the HVAC system.

Moving Parts Check

In order for moving parts in your HVAC system to work well, they should be properly lubricated. Proper lubrication for moving parts allows them to move more easily because there is less friction. Too much friction on these parts may cause them to wear out, so proper lubrication not only allows your parts to move more efficiently but it also helps prolong the parts’ life.


Air Filter Check

Checking, cleaning, and possibly replacing the air filter allows for your HVAC to perform better and produce better air quality for the home or vehicle. It also makes it easier for the whole HVAC system to perform since the presence of particles and contaminants are reduced or removed from the filters. Clean filters also mean increased energy efficiency and reduced chance of damage for your HVAC system contributing greatly to a prolonged HVAC system life.

You can reap a whole lot of favors. An HVAC Maintenance Check truly does bring lots of benefits for you HVAC system. Call Genes Heating and Air to have schedule a maintenance check for your HVAC today!

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