Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are an efficient device to have in one’s home or office because though it is most popularly used to heat buildings, it can also be used in reverse to cool buildings. These devices basically just move heat from one location to another. It doesn’t need to burn fuel to heat up a space for it only pulls the heat from the air and ground. Places with moderate temperatures benefit most from heat pumps and provide a more comfortable environment without the added cost of additional heating and cooling appliance. The professionals at Genes Heating and Air will make sure that your heating pumps are functioning properly.

For a device that can do both heating and cooling, it is only right that it is provided with proper cleaning and tuning. It is recommended to provide your heat pumps with an annual professional maintenance for its usage to be maximized. When the heat pump is used for both its heating and its cooling capabilities, maintenance services are needed before the heating and cooling season for supreme efficiency.

Benefits of a Well-maintained Heat Pump

A heat pump unit that is thoroughly and regularly cleaned and freed from debris and blockages perform more efficiently.

A clean and well-maintained heat pump unit is more likely to reduce energy consumption because it moves with more ease and creates less tension for its moving parts.

Well-maintained parts especially those which need to be in constant motion are less likely to wear out from friction when it is properly cleaned and lubricated.

Correctly adjusted parts and operation controls are better suited for more efficient performance.

A regularly well-maintained machine adapts easier and is better prepared to changes in usage for heating or cooling.

Life expectancy for heat pump systems is maximized when it is properly maintained.

Depending on the heat pump unit, different steps are done to adequately clean and tune it.

Outdoor Unit Maintenance

Remove debris, leaves, dirt, and other unwanted objects from inside cabinet and other parts of the unit.

Examine base pan and remove anything that may cause blockages.

Check if the unit has the proper amount of refrigerant level and adjust accordingly.

Check the cabinet and coil. Remove any unnecessary objects and clean thoroughly yet carefully.

Inspect the fan and motor blades for sign of wear or damage. Replace or fix as needed and make sure replaced units are clean and lubricated properly.

Examine the control box, controls, accessories, wiring, and connections. Check for wear or damage. Replace or fix the parts as necessary. Make sure new parts are operating smoothly.

Check compressor and tubing for damage. Repair damages or change if needed. Also make sure, the parts are cleaned properly and tested.

Make sure you are calling a professional to help you with these things. Gene’s Heating and Air will perform routine maintenance tune-ups, repairs and installations. Call them today!

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