Heat Pump Indoor Unit Maintenance

Heat Pump Indoor Unit Maintenance

Heat pumps are necessary for the winter months. They come with some maintenance and upkeep. To ensure the best care, call the professionals at Gene’s Heating and Air. They are committed to bringing quality customer service and quality repairs, and installation. Here are some tips to maintain the indoor heat pump unit.

Examine blower, blower housing, blower wheel, and motor. Make sure damaged or worn out parts are replaced or fixed and unit parts are cleaned.

Lubricate motor and examine and replaced fan belt if necessary.

Check combustion blower housing for any damage and deal with accordingly. Remove lint and any other debris and clean properly.

Inspect and clean evaporator coil, condensate drain lines, and drain pan.

Check for gas leaks in gas furnaces. It is necessary to be very meticulous about this as gas leaks can be a safety hazard.

Check and clean burner assembly.

Check ignition system and safety controls. Adjust accordingly and clean the unit parts.

Check heating elements and heat exchange for corrosion or other damage. Fix or replace as needed.

Inspect control box, controls, and connections. Check if controls work as intended and fix or replace broken controls and connections.

Clean air filters from debris and build-ups or replace if necessary.

Clean out units and reassemble as needed then test if operations are running by starting the unit.

Observe the unit for any abnormal movements, noises, smokes, or smells.

Pinpoint sources of irregularities in operation.

Observe unit for correct operation levels:

Measure correct refrigerant charge from heat pump or air conditioning systems.

Measure dry and wet bulb temperatures.

Measure system pressures.

Measure gas pressure.

Measure temperature rise and make adjustments in airflow accordingly.

The professional services will know exactly what to do to provide the best care for your heat pump unit. If a problem should arise during the maintenance check, professionals know how to deal with each issue accordingly. They will provide a solution or a variety of solutions that can help you solve the issue most suitably.

Professional maintenance services not only offer expert installation and annual maintenance but in case emergency help is needed for your unit, they can help solve the issue with the best knowledge and tool that’s needed for it. Call Gene’s Heating and Air to schedule your appointment.

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