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With the arrival of fall many homeowners’ thoughts turn to heating their homes. We at Gene’s Heating believe that regular maintenance is vital to a properly functioning furnace.

One of the most important items a home owner can do to ensure their furnace is operating at full capacity is changing the furnace filter. Many of our service calls originate as a furnace not heating, upon arrival the technicians often pull out a filter that is completely clogged with hair, dust and various debris. A clogged filter will cause the furnace to overheat and shut off.

Another thing a dirty filter causes is a dirty furnace, if the filter is clogged the furnace will pull harder in an effort to get air and suck in dust, this dust settles on the internal components of the furnace and is baked on by the heat produced.

The second most likely cause for furnaces not heating is dirty flame sensors. Most modern furnaces do not use pilot lights anymore but use spark or hot surface ignitors, along with the ignitors are flame sensors that sense heat and signal the gas valve to open. If the sensors get dirty they will not work efficiently and may or may not signal the gas valve to open, this will cause the furnace to start and shut down, never producing heat.

Many of these types of calls come in after hours and can be very costly and are a direct result of poor or no maintenance. Annual cleaning and inspection of a furnace is an investment in keeping the equipment functioning efficiently and reducing costly repairs.

—Service Rep Gene’s Heating and Air, LLC

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  1. Tony Seran November 26, 2015

    Color me satisfied with every step in the process. Having your HVAC equipment serviced is a process, not an event.

    Mary, Julie and their staff of skilled and experienced technicians are terrific.

    They stand behind their product with Integrity and Respect. Give them a twirl, you too will be very satisfied.


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