Furnace Repair in Colorado Springs

Furnace Repair Colorado Springs

At Gene’s Heating & Air, we are experts at all kinds of furnace repair in Colorado Springs. We can help you save time and money by keeping your furnace running efficiently. We have come across many different types of both common and uncommon furnace issues, and are confident that we can have your home heated again in no time. When your furnace is broken or not working efficiently, it can lead to expensive monthly energy bills. It can also lead to possible damage to the system over time. It is important that your furnace problem be properly diagnosed for the problem to be fixed effectively.

How Your Furnace Works

Home furnaces burn different types of fuel; natural gas, propane, or oil, in order to heat the air in your home. Pipes in the floor and walls transport the heated air throughout your home in order to raise the temperature in each room as quickly as possible. Furnaces run on a closed-circuit system in which cold air is filtered back through the heater until it reaches and maintains a specified temperature. Your thermostat is the control panel of the furnace on which you set the desired temperature, and then the signal is transferred electronically to the furnace.

Types of Furnace Repair in Colorado Springs

Though the process seems relatively simple, there are still many places for a furnace to malfunction. A properly-operating furnace requires each of its parts to work together seamlessly, and if one part of it is broken, the whole system may not be able to function correctly. Repairs can range from minor adjustments like removing dirt from vents, to larger mechanical problems like leaking ducts or fried wiring. Most often the problem is found in a single component, and the difficulty lies in pinpointing where exactly that is.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Colorado Springs

  • Increase in Fuel Bills
  • Cold Floors
  • Individual Rooms Remaining Cold
  • Musty Smells

There are a few different ways of determining whether your home is having furnace problems. Sometimes you still may feel a bit of heat, so you might not be aware that your system is malfunctioning until you check your gas bill. If your floors remain cold when heating, there are certain rooms that are not heating at all, or you notice musty smells when your furnace is on, you could have a problem. Choosing Gene’s Heating & Air to perform routine furnace maintenance and checkups will likely diagnose any potential problems ahead of time so as to avoid any substantial replacements down the line.

Whether your furnace repair issue is large or small, enlisting the services of a professional will allow you to effectively fix the problem in as little time as possible. Attempting to solve the problem without proper knowledge could end up setting you back more money, or even wind up making the issue worse. If your furnace isn’t functioning properly, you could be paying much more in energy bills than necessary, or even be putting your home in danger of dangerous gas leaks. Waiting for a problem to occur just as the season changes can leave your family cold and frustrated. Avoid being stuck in a tough situation by scheduling regular maintenance, and call Gene’s Heating & Air for fast solutions to all of your furnace repair issues.

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