Do You Need a Dehumidifier?

Do You Need a Dehumidifier?

There are several things that may occur in your homes or offices that may be a sign that you need to purchase or use a dehumidifier..Gene’s Heating and Air are professionals that are qualified to assist in your HVAC needs at home and the office. Call today to schedule a maintenance tech’s visit.

If you have these obvious signs of having a high level of relative humidity in your home, it is time to give your home the gift of a dehumidifier

Allergies – some of your family members may be suffering from allergies caused by the dust, dirt, mold or even mild dew that thrives in your home. These pathogens love staying in places with relatively high level of humidity so it is good if you can keep the level of humidity down. Common signs that you have an allergy include: Stuffy nose, itchy or watery eyes, sneezing and difficulty in breathing and visible skin rashes or other skin irritations in certain parts of your body (most commonly in your face, arms or even on your back)

Water Stains that are Visible in your Walls or Ceilings – Stains from water that is visible on the walls and ceilings of your home is definitely an eyesore. To avoid this, your home needs a dehumidifier to keep the level of humidity down that causes this visible water stains.

Moisture in your Windows – If you can see wet spots in the windows or certain areas in your home even it isn’t raining, it may be a sign that your home needs a dehumidifier. This visible moisture is a result of frequent condensation in your home which is a product of a high level of humidity. Thus, to reduce the level of humidity, you would need a dehumidifier.

Bathrooms with Mold Spores – Your bathrooms, and other areas in your home which can possibly have a high level of humidity because there are no windows, may have small black spots which are mold spores. These mold spores grow in areas with high level of humidity, such as the walls of your bathroom or even in your bathtubs or showers. Thus, to avoid this, you would want to have a dehumidifier.

Gene’s Heating and Air have the resources to meet your home and office HVAC and dehumidifier needs. Call today to schedule a consultation with a professional maintenance technician.

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