Coils and Air Handlers

Coils and Air Handlers

As the world is trying to deal with temperature change every day, humans learned to roll with it and made ways on how to cope with it. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system has its means to resolve the issue. Hiring professionals to maintain and/or install this system is the best option. Gene’s Heating and Air is the reliable choice for the HVAC Colorado Springs service area.

Most people are aware that this system exists but not al  can tell what this system really is. Essentially, an air handler plays a major role in regulating and circulating air in this system. What, exactly, is an air handler?

An air handler, which is also known as the air handling unit (AHU), is a device built to condition air in the HVAC system. This unit is attached to a duct system that will deliver or remove air for distribution after its conditioning in the AHU. There are different kinds but they basically contain heating or cooling components together with a blower, filter racks or chambers, dampers and sound attenuates. The following are the different kinds of air handling units:

Terminal Units

These are the small air handlers which are also called the blower coils or fan coils units since they only include air filters, coils and blowers. This is the simplest form of air handling unit. This is manufactured with a framing system that is single skinned insulated metal panels.

Makeup Air Unit

There is no re-circulated air in this unit since it conditions 100% of the air from the outside and this is the larger air handler. This is usually set up in a sectional manner and several meters long for strength and rigidity with steel rails for support underneath. This is manufactured from steel framing system with double-skinned insulated metal panels for heat reduction or heat gain.

Packaged Unit/Rooftop Unit

This is for outside use which is usually used on roofs hence the name. There is special consideration for its construction. Weatherproof lid must be applied as well as additional sealing around joints as to prepare the unit to unpredictable events outside.

There are more components for this unit but an emphasis on the role of air coils should be a priority. The air coil is one of the most important components of an AHU since this is responsible for changing temperature of supplied air and humidifying it by heating, cooling or doing both within the unit. The change in temperature and humidity level still depends on the location and application of supplied air. There are two types of air -exchangers that are differentiated by its means of heating or cooling effect. These are the (1) direct heat-exchangers which do not need extra elements for it to function. These are the electric heaters, heat pumps, fuel-burning heaters or refrigerator evaporator which are placed directly in air steam while (2) indirect heat exchangers, usually, use hot water or steam, which is provided by the central boiler, for the conditioning system to heat or iced water, provided by central chiller, for cooling. There are different types of manufactured coils. There are those made of copper for tubes or with copper or aluminum fins for faster heat transfer. There is a temperature sensor that monitors and controls the temperature not to go off-coil so when it becomes too hot, it cools down and vice versa. This has a built-in motorized control valve before the coil. When a cooling coil is followed by a heater coil placement, there is reheating of air. This effect is also known as the re-heat coil which humidifies supplied air to relative humidity level. When winter comes or even just colder temperature days come, pre-heat coils (also known as frost coils) are the first lines of treatment so that freezing will be avoided in the filters or iced water coils but when off-coil air temperature is not achieved, the air handler unit must be shut down for protection.

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