Boiler Maintenance Services

Boiler Maintenance Services

It is nearly time for Autumn, and that means the weather will be turning cooler again. It’s time to make those boiler repairs, and get your heating systems checked before the temperature drops. Gene’s Heating and Air will send technicians out to service your HVAC units, boilers, and other heating systems you have.

Boilers are drained and flushed to remove unwanted contaminants and blockages. Hand holes and manholes are opened to allow easy access and proper ventilation when cleaning.

Soot and other contaminants are removed and cleaned off from a firewall. Soot and another build-up may compromise the safety and efficiency of the boiler system. Build-ups may cause equipment deterioration and damage and should not be taken lightly.

Boilers are checked for corrosion and any other minor or major damage. Small signs of decline should not be ignored for they may cause leakages or may result to bigger damage when disregarded. Boiler water treatments are performed to prevent buildup and reduce corrosion.

Gaskets, especially those which are worn out, are replaced with new ones. Handhole and manhole covers are also replaced with new ones to ensure utmost efficiency and safety. A hydrostatic test can be performed if needed. This tests the strength of boilers, tanks, and pipelines and ensures that there are no leakages.

Water feeding and low-water fuel cutoff devices are disassembled and cleaned individually before being reassembled. All gas-burning equipment is cleaned thoroughly.

Check operations of limit controls, operating parts, gauges, shutoffs, and interlocks. Fuel safety shut-off valves are tested for leaks. Mechanical equipment like pumps and fans are cleaned and lubricated properly. It is then checked for correct operation. Properly cleaned and lubricated moving parts make it easier for the system to move easily reducing tension to the parts. This prevents the moving parts from being worn out by friction.

The motor rotation and operation is verified. When all parts are properly cleaned, assembled, and adjusted test boiler system operations. Check further for any sign of physical part malfunction and assess the system’s operation. Verify that all ventilation and combustion air openings are free from debris and blockages. Ensure boiler water level is sufficient.

When you need your heating system checked, call the professionals at Genes Heating and Air. They will make sure your HVAC service colorado springs needs are met before the cold weather begins.

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