Some Common Air Conditioning System Problems

Now that the weather is warm, it’s time for your AC units to start doing their job. Gene’s Heating and Air will perform routine maintenance checkups on your system, or repair any problems that you may have. Enjoy the summer in your cool, climate controlled offices and homes.

Refrigerant leaks
Where system refrigerant has been lost this will cause system performance to be inadequate, and just adding refrigerant will not be enough. One would need to locate the leak, fix it and then recharge the system with the right amount of refrigeration. Central Air Conditioning systems work best when properly filled to the manufacturer’s specifications – too much or too little will affect the performance of the unit, so servicing is a must. All works are carried out to F-Gas regulations.

Condensate leaks
Usually the result of blocked condensate lines or failed pumps.

Due to the cooling and warming cycles of HVAC systems, moisture can build up and stagnant water can result in fungi or mould. Cleaning the system as well as changing filters is usually necessary.

Excessive noise can often come from the unit, This is often due to a main component becoming dislodged or component failure, such as compressor or fan motor. Early indication of these can usually be identified by routine servicing.

Blocked Filters
If filters become blocked, this can cause problems with air flow and affect the operation of the aircon system and will require careful cleaning. This is usually conducted as part of a routine maintenance program.

System not working at all
If the system won’t work at all, it could be a fault in the electronics of the system and these will need to be tested so the fault can be traced.

External condenser problems
The heat is transferred outside via the external condenser , so any problems with this will cause cooling or heating problems and will need investigating.

Erratic Behaviour
System can sometimes behave erratically when there is a minor component failure this would need to be identified and repaired before major failure occurs.

For all of your HVAC needs, contact Genes Heating and Air. They are licensed and dedicated to customer satisfaction. To help your Colorado Springs summer to be as enjoyable as possible, call them today to set up a consultation! No one likes an uncomfortable home or office space.

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