Regular Air Conditioning Tune-ups Really Can Save You Money in Colorado Springs

Regular Air Conditioning Tune-ups Really Can Save You Money in Colorado Springs

Your local Colorado Springs Dealer will tell you that regular AC maintenance is similar to getting a health check-up or preventative maintenance for your car. AC maintenance doesn’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, but it helps to reduce the possibility. People, cars and air conditioners all operate much better when they receive regular maintenance and attention. If you are a Colorado Springs home or business owner who has never scheduled AC maintenance, we recommend that you do it this year. Even though summer is almost here, it’s not too late to ensure that your air conditioner will get you through it comfortably.

AC maintenance helps you save money because it gives our service technicians the opportunity to detect problems early. You then have the option of having a minor problem fixed now or a major problem fixed later. You also save money because air conditioners that receive annual maintenance can last months or even years longer than expected. Yet another way that AC maintenance helps you to save money is by reducing your monthly cooling costs. A properly maintained air conditioner costs less to operate every month than one that is inefficient or needs a lot of repairs.

The service technicians at your local Colorado Springs HVAC Dealer come to each appointment with a checklist of at least 20 items. These include changing the air filter, lubricating parts, making sure that nothing is blocking the drainage tube, tightening wiring and much more. We outline the exact services performed and provide you with a report at the end of the appointment. The report also includes any recommendations for future repair services that we noted during routine maintenance. Colorado Springs Dealers offer several annual service contracts available for your convenience. One of the major benefits of being a member is the opportunity to save money on future services.

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