Helpful Tips to Increase Energy Savings in Your Colorado Springs Home

If you own an older home in Colorado Springs, Colorado it is probably not as energy efficient as the newer homes of your friends and neighbors. Building contractors in past generations did not have the information available about energy savings that is so readily available today. As a result, most homes were not built with energy savings in mind. If you would like to improve the energy savings in your older Colorado Springs home, a local Colorado Springs Dealer can help. A local Colorado Springs heating and cooling company can send an energy auditor to your home to help discover problem areas and offer solutions for improvement.

When our energy auditor arrives at your home, he or she may ask to see your utility bills for the last several months. This is to look for patterns of energy use and determine what times of the year your energy costs tend to spike. Next, our energy auditor will walk through your home and record observations about your HVAC equipment and major appliances. After that, the energy auditor will test the equipment to see whether it currently demonstrates energy efficiency or not. Once the entire energy audit has been completed, you will receive a written report outlining changes you can make to ensure energy savings.

It is common for older homes in Colorado Springs to be insufficiently insulated. This can affect not only your level of comfort, but your heating and cooling costs as well. When there isn’t enough insulation in your walls and attic to absorb heat or cold air, your HVAC system has to make up the difference. Another common issue in older homes is air leaks and drafts. A Dealer can quickly correct these problems so you feel more comfortable and save money on energy costs every month.

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