Duct Free Split Systems

Duct Free Split Systems seem to be the new trend in many offices and residences nowadays mainly because of the huge advantages that comes with its minimalist size. Gene’s Heating and Air technicians will provide you all of the information about it.

There are numerous advantages of getting a duct free split system for your ventilation, cooling and heating needs. These include:

Hassle-Free Installation

Unlike installing a centralized air conditioning system for your homes or offices, installing a duct free split system is hassle-free, easy and definitely not that costly. This is because the duct free split system only uses three parts: an outdoor condensing unit, an indoor air conditioning unit, and connecting tubing that connects two and delivers the controlled air.

Less Noise

Because a duct free split system has outdoor and indoor components, noisy parts of the system can be installed outside, such as the compressor and motor. If this is the case, the duct free split system can operate only at around 26 decibels, relatively very quiet.

Better Air Quality

Duct free split systems have built-in multi-stage filtration systems that can efficiently reduce the number of dust, bacteria, molds and other pathogens that infects the air. This is contrast to the conventional and traditional air conditioning systems where the air ducts require regular cleaning to ensure that the indoor air quality is still high enough. Since duct free split systems can already filter the dust and other particulate matter, cleaning it won’t be as hard as the traditional systems, and can be done much less frequently.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is rated through the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The average SSER required for all air conditioning units for homes and offices is 13. The good thing about duct free split systems is that its SSER can go as high as 26, meaning it is efficient in the conversion of energy, thus it gives you your money’s real worth, and could even make your electric bill go down. Moreover, traditional air conditioning units can lose up to 40% of their energy in the air ducts. Since duct free systems, as the name implies do not have air ducts, the duct free systems doesn’t need to lose 40% of the energy, thus the efficiency is clearly higher.

Environment-Friendly and Individual Zoning

Because of its small size, duct free split systems allow you to arrange or pick the specific areas you want to ventilate or keep warm. The small size also allows you to control the temperature for each area, depending on your need. This small size allows for greater energy efficiency because you can maximize and pick the specific areas that need to be heated or cooled. It gives the owner the full power to customize the coldness of hotness of a room, depending on what’s fit and perfect for the inhabitants. As compared to the traditional cooling systems, duct free split systems allow you to heat a room while cooling the other, maximizing the potential of the air conditioning system.


Better Home Security

Because of its minimalist size, duct free split systems only require a small hole in the walls of your home. At other times, duct free split systems can be mounted high on the wall or even on the ceiling to create a better view or look in your homes. Since the hole required in your home is only small, it minimizes the potential of easy access to burglars and other intruders to make your home much secure and safer against criminals.

There are many benefits to this kind of system, and Gene’s Heating and Air technicians will be available to discuss air conditioning repair colorado springs. They are licensed and certified, to bring you the best customer service and products. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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