Central Air Conditioning System: Quiet and More Efficient Cooling of Entire Buildings

As summer temperatures soar and humidity rises, indoor life can become miserable — working, relaxing and even peaceful sleep can become nigh unto impossible. In severely hot weather most people dream of methods to cool their residences and work spaces. One of the obvious choices people looking to stay cool at home and work is to have a central air conditioning system installed. Call the professionals at Genes Heating and Air to help you install the system.

Central air is more convenient when compared to swamp coolers and window air conditioning units for many reasons. In fact, there are numerous advantages to central air conditioning systems such as increased ability to control the temperature of an entire, multi-roomed building; additionally it allows for much increased efficiency of operation, especially when the other cooling option is to install a window unit in the individual rooms.

Most central air conditioning systems are referred to as split systems; these systems condense and compress the air and then use an evaporator to cool the air to the selected temperature. The noisy part of a split central air conditioning system is placed on the exterior of the building. On a commercial building it is generally placed on the roof, for a residential home it is generally placed on the ground right next to an exterior wall. As a Central Air Conditioning system is in operation it pushes cooled air through ducts installed all over the building. These ducts carry the air to the various rooms of the home or building. Additionally, you are able to vary the temperature in individual rooms by simply adjusting the master control which is part of most central air conditioning systems.

Obviously, some systems are simpler and do not allow you to vary the temperature of each room, you can find out which type is best for your purposes prior to purchase. It is never fun to yell over a window air conditioning unit as they chug along to cool your home or building this is one of the major benefits when you install a central air conditioning system because these systems work quietly.

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  1. Jade Brunet July 10, 2017

    We spent all of last summer in the basement because we did not have an air conditioner, and we are looking to have a more free lifestyle this summer. It is good to know that central air is a good choice because it provides an increased ability to control the temperature of the entire house. I love what was mentioned about efficiency of operation. I will talk to my husband about this option, thank you.


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