Carrier Energy Experts Program & -How It’s Benefitting

Colorado Springs Dealers are closely associated with the Carrier Corporation. Recently, Carrier introduced its 360 Degree Whole Home Energy Audit. It is also known as the Carrier Energy Experts Program. The energy audit is a six-step approach designed to minimize waste and maximize your energy savings. If you are a Colorado Springs, Colorado home or business owner who is trying to improve your energy savings, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our company. We have been trained by the Carrier Corporation on how to conduct home energy audits to uncover energy savings potential.

For the first half of your home energy audit, we ask that you set aside a minimum of three hours. When an energy auditor from your local Colorado Springs dealer arrives at your home, he or she will probably ask to see your utility bills for the past 12 months. This helps to identify energy use patterns and understand your typical costs. Next, the energy auditor will inspect your air conditioner, air ducts, heat pumps, furnace, water heater, smoke alarm and level of insulation. After a visual inspection of your HVAC and related equipment, the energy auditor will test each system to determine its present level of functioning. We use sophisticated HVAC equipment to perform these tests, such as blower door systems and thermal imaging.

Energy savings analysis is the third phase of your Carrier home energy audit. The energy auditor will take the time to consider your utility bills and performance of each piece of equipment before making specific recommendations. Typically, this will happen within a few days of your energy audit. A technician will then return to your home or business with a written report on changes you can make in your Colorado Springs home as well as product recommendations that may benefit you. It is up to you to decide which of the recommendations you want to follow to reach your goal of energy savings.

After receiving approval from you, the service technicians at your local Colorado Springs Dealer will implement the desired changes and review the results for energy savings. Click here to locate your nearest Colorado Springs Dealer.

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