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Heating air for cold locations is pretty basic: Cold air passes through a heater, which produces warm air. The process to produce cool air, however, is slightly more complicated. Cooling systems operate based on a simple law of physics when a liquid compound is converted to gas, it absorbs heat. An effective air conditioning system processes and reprocesses specially developed compounds known as refrigerants, continuously converting them from liquid to gas, to liquid to gas again, to ensure effective and constant absorption of heat. Why would a system require chemical refrigerants, instead of plain water? Its because refrigerants evaporate at a much lower temperatures than what is needed to convert water into steam, and are therefore much easier to convert from liquid to gas (and vice versa) with the least amount of resultant condensation.

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The heart of the air conditioning system is a series of copper coils, much like what is seen in the back of a conventional refrigerator. Through these coils, refrigerants are converted from liquid to gas. Air is pushed through these coils through a ventilation system. In most cases, the heat of the air that passes through is enough to cause the refrigerants to evaporate. That being said, any air that exits the system through the vents is at a significantly lower temperature than it entered. The refrigerants are then converted from gas to liquid again through a process of condensation made possible through a high-pressure compressor. This process produces heat, which exits the system through another specially developed vent. Hot air and cool air goes where it should through an effective air circulation network.

The air in an area consisting of several rooms can be cooled down with an air conditioning system, aided by proper ventilation, and controlled by a thermostat. Air Conditioning Install operations can be performed by the average homemaker, but it is still safer and much more cost-effective to employ the services of a professional for these matters. A professional ensures that the system is installed and operating at maximum efficiency for the lowest cost. Air Conditioning Install professionals are also equipped with equipment specially designed for the job. They are also trained to handle refrigerants and other HVAC-related chemicals correctly and safely.

The professionals are also trained in assessing any current air conditioning systems. They can determine what needs repair or replacement, while being sensitive to any budget. Besides installation and upgrading any existing systems, they are also ready to perform any maintenance on an air conditioning system they are able to clean the air-conditioning component itself or any vents that do not circulate air as effectively. They are able to replace air filters to make sure that air is not only cooled down, but cleaned as well. Any repairs that have to be made are done with the utmost care, while being as quick as possible. Call Gene’s Heating and Air to schedule you HVAC installation and tune-up!

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